1. Fold a full-size white sheet in 3rds and have her lay on that. Powdering her can help some.
2. Can’t say I’ve had trouble washing the oil out of the bedsheets. Never heard of stains being impossible to remove.
3. I keep my doll wrapped in a fleece blanket on my bed. She has never stained my sheets.
4. Take a sheet folded in 3rds one that is not of great importance and put a sheet of plastic in the lower fold. This way your good sheets are protected no matter what. It does not take much to stain a sheet.
5. My girl sleeps on the pink blanket that she came in. I fold it in half lengthwise so that it’s just on her side of the bed. Never had a stain on my sheets. Her blanket seems fine too. I wash that with her clothes every now and then. I like that I can use her special fabric softener on it, so it just smells like HER all around her in bed.

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