1. It is good to wash the factory mold release agent from the doll.

I shower my doll from time to time with diluted soap and water. She has standing feet studs that could seep water in, so I put socks on, then sneakers, and then wrap plastic bags on her feet and seal them with masking tape. She is standing in the shower, actually leaning against the wall. I tap dry her and leave her there to dry. Be careful not to shower her head and neck joint. The face gets cleaned with baby powder that lifts lint, sometimes with makeup removing wipes.

Also, intermittent powdering removes lint and hair well.
Many do sponge bath laying her down, I think that works too.

2. I use liquid shower soap well diluted. No rubbing. Dishwater soap can be even better to remove that excess slippery matter on her skin from the molding process. Running water then floods lint away with it.

Do a test run on some parts like her palm and feel that the skin feels less sticky.

Generally powdering with a big soft makeup brush is a good method to get rid of hairs and lint.

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