1. I’m 21 and about to purchase my first doll. I’m attracted to women, but I just always end up getting the insane or crazy ones. I thought I should take a break from relationship stuff so I’d figured that having a doll would help out feeling lonely and keep the depression away.

2. I was 4 when I got my first doll. At 13 or so, I got my first porn mags and longed for those lifelike dolls they offered in the ads in the back.

At 25 I managed a damaged mannequin from a lingerie store dumpster. Sadly lost her a year later. I bought my first cheap air girl, my “Ariel” ( short-lived) at 30 and a year later a better air girl my “Candy” still going near 30 years later.

I did the real girl, kids & family thing for near 20 years then alone again I bought Suzie and Amy my Candyeighteen foamies at age 49.

I’m 59 now and just bought my first solid, Sophie as in Sophie Marceau in The World is not Enough.

3. I was 43 when I bought my first doll. An inflatable babe. I bought my first TPE doll, a used WM155. I now have 6 dolls. 3 of them were used dolls. I have been married twice and have a 33-year-old son. I will be 60 this June and don’t plan to stop buying dolls.

4. I’m 50 and my last girlfriend was about 8 years ago. She was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I have been MGTOW for the past 5 years.

Up until hearing about the virtues of sex dolls on MGTOW Youtuber TFMs channel I had no idea they were this realistic and can be a viable alternative to real women if you so wish.

A couple of weeks ago, I just purchased my first doll (Francesca WM166 C cup) and am eagerly awaiting her arrival. I don’t know how I’ll feel about it when it comes but I felt it would be an interesting experiment. Just the thought of dressing her in sexy outfits has me excited.

5. 68 – now. One year ago, I didn’t even know dolls. I’ve had Hiyoko now for 6 months or so and am totally loving it. Having been married twice and with plenty of GFs, I doubt I ever would have gotten into this any earlier. But I do feel bad having wasted a couple of years since my last divorce before finding my new “hobby”. Especially enjoy the care, dressing, makeup, getting back into photography after some 40 years, the companionship and the bed partner. Only wish these dolls were lighter.

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