1. I have a silicone doll, and I do powder her almost daily. A bottle of powder lasts at least 2 or 3 months and cost me about $3.

2. I use cornstarch very sparingly. Just a light dusting as needed. My TPE doll is just over a year old now and I still have more than half left in the original 16oz container.

3. I use Sutherland pure natural talc for my doll. I get the 250g packs and it lasts around 3 to 4 months or more and that’s with 11 X TPE ladies. My latest OR167G hasn’t been powdered at all as she just doesn’t need it. Her skin feels silky smooth and I can’t detect any stickiness and no obvious oil staining on clothes. I did a baby oiling for a 6-month-old YL148, and she was slightly tacky the other day I left her overnight. So I did a very light dusting with the talc and that will be till her next oiling in 3 or 4 months. The maintenance is getting much less intensive, otherwise, I would have to hire some help, as it is I can probably get 2 tubs of talc to stretch out to a year!

4. I try to powder as little as possible. I have a couple of bottles and I haven’t bought any in 2 years and I have 5 dolls.

5. Lisa came from her previous home that had forced air heat. She was very well cared for and lightly used, but spent most of her time stored. She is considerably more dried out than any of my others. I am pretty convinced that this is due to forced air heat, and over powdering.

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