1. There’s no magic formula for this, it depends on the item. In my experience, 3 times will do it. If there is still staining after 3 washes, then it will never come right and you had best discard the item to protect your doll.

2. I don’t wash them. Instead, I soak them in a bucket of scalding hot water an hour at a time, about 8 separate times, letting them dry completely each time before resoaking. You will be able to see it shedding dye. Just keep changing the water till you see it’s not bleeding color anymore. That’s probably overkilling, but I do it to be safe. So far I haven’t had issues with staining even though my doll wears a lot of black clothes.

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  1. Nathaniel Garza (Al-Thani)

    I find that using saran wrap on inside of the clothing…like lighty glue the wrap to the clothes and the put the on. This way you’re creating a barrier between the clothing and the doll.


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