1. I did have sex with the doll, but it was extremely rare. But I have been thinking about her, dressing her up, watching her, and touching her, and I also make some private photos. There is a beautiful woman in the house, which is very pleasing and comforting, and I can choose to have sex at any time if I want to.

2. I have one, and when I used her for sex the first few times, she was more like a cuddle companion than anyone else.

3. I’ve known people who bought them just for photography, or as sleeping companions.

4. Surprisingly, a large number of people want these for photography and skin painting options exist solely to make photography better.

I’ve also heard that some ad companies use sex dolls to replace models, though have not substantiated that. It would make sense for a company that makes tons of inexpensive photos, especially if the dolls are modeled from behind with sun blur. Perfect underwear models too as long as the face isn’t included. Not to mention many prefer the cuddling/company aspect to the actual sex.

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