1. Some people can keep them well for 10 years, but this is rare because they don’t use them often. In most cases, they can last 2-5 years, depending on how you care for them and how you preserve them. TPE will not melt and become the terminator LOL. Only when you leave the doll in the sun or in a hot place for a long time, it will melt. It may also melt if placed in burning water.

2. I had mine for 2 years and there was some wear from clothes and friction, finger wires broke and poked through the fingers, same with toes, some joins got loose and would not remain in place, but overall still in great shape. I didn’t use mine for penetration though so that certainly prolonged the life span.

3. The joints on my doll got ultra-loose faster than it should in 3 years. Can not stand up anymore.

I think the TPE sex dolls could have lasted several more years longer. But there were tears in the vagina and anus and no amount of repair can ever make it 100% fixed. I tried the expensive cold weld glue but all it did was to dissolve the tear and make it grow wider due to tension. I tested on a cube of TPE and it worked fine, but when you unknowingly drip some of that cold weld “glue” on an area that is somewhat stretched out, it becomes like a ripped rubber band.

I ran out of that “glue” and didn’t want to spend more money on it because it was expensive. I cheaped out and bought xylene, paint thinner, and that was even worse because it was super strong dissolver. Do not do that.

Next, I tried using heat. I used hot welding soldering iron. The first attempt was bad. Then, I bought a thin wide-bladed foam cutter. It did a better job. Next, I bought a heat gun. It allowed me to smooth out the surface and heat spoons with the tips of metal tools. I spent so much time learning but each attempt was like fixing one mistake and 2 new mistakes open up again.

In the end, I gave up and was so lucky somebody was willing to pay the shipping to get the doll in order to cut out the TPE and get the metal skeleton for some sort of project.

I walked away understanding the expression, “to make a mountain of a molehill.”

If the doll gets a tear in the vagina or anus, do not bother to fix it. It just gets worse and worse. Just leave it alone and continue to play because you really going to have a hard time reselling it when you mutilate it.

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