1. Wigs are very simple to change. Take it off and easily put a different one on. The powder is useful to keep the doll from getting too tacky. Put powder on the doll after cleaning and drying are complete.
Even with condoms, it’s not wise to leave a doll uncleaned as any residual moisture will invite mold. When using a condom, you might choose not to soap the doll every time, but you should at least rinse off any lubrication and dry thoroughly.
2. Some users will clean the doll with baby oil when it first arrives. I had cleaned my sex doll a few times with soap and water in the weeks prior. For realistic sex dolls from 6YE┬áDoll, baby oil is not recommended because they use a different blend of TPE. 6YE claims that you don’t need to powder it. But I still powder mine to achieve a better feel. Both of my dolls have removable vaginas, so cleaning is easy. If you are ordering a fixed vagina, then female condoms are the talk of the town.

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