1. They can provoke desire within the male mind. Absolutely not a problem other than you must decide which one is for you. Different dolls can also bring about different feelings. I have 4 and only one that I want to fuck all the time. The others have different purposes and I desire them in different ways.

Silicone to me feels more ‘Real’ than TPE. Neither feels like a real woman although a well-made silicone doll does mimic the feel of the human anatomy regarding density, firmness, and softness in all the right places.

TPE is more of a softer everywhere version. I like that a silicone doll feels the way it does and not like a real woman. I appreciate that they are different.

The stiff skeleton dolls (which they all are But one) can seem like a corpse somewhat.

2. Your questions are honest and are the same questions most of us had when we first investigated dolls. Dolls don’t move on their own and in winter months feel cold. Where I live, and summer approaches, my dolls feel warm and natural. In a colder climate, you could achieve the same with a warming blanket and/or warming vagina insert.

The best thing about dolls is that you do not have to settle. Your doll can be your beautiful, fantasy, dream woman; and she will stay that way without nagging or making demands. Sure, a doll may not stay in perfect condition over time. But, neither will a real woman, and she can take half of your assets. A doll can’t and can be easily upgraded/replaced.

3. For the most part, yes, it can feel very realistic. The dolls can easily be warmed up with heating blankets and included rods, although you have to be careful with this for TPE-dolls which are very sensitive to temperatures too far above body heat. The material will also absorb your own body heat from interaction (and friction for that matter).

The material also gets very smooth with powder, and oil/lube if you like messy games. The best feeling is when she’s clothed. I find it very realistic and arousing to touch and grope the doll when she’s wearing something, probably because the touch against cloth combined with the softness and shapes of the body behind it gets VERY realistic.

The holes feel incredibly good, especially if heated and with a good amount of lube. What I miss however if compared to the real deal is the muscles inside that can squeeze your dick in a godlike manner when she’s excited.

On the emotional level, well most of these dolls are pure art, so it is not hard to fall for their beauty. Then it is also up to you to dress, maintain, and take care of her enough to keep her attractive and interesting with time. And yea, a doll is like the definition of peace and quiet. It’s nice. When I’m not interacting with her I like to set her in a pose to make it look like she’s doing something, mostly laying on my sofa playing with a smartphone, or just sleeping in my bed with a head with eyes closed. It really adds to the environment at home, instead of just sitting there in an awkward position and staring out into an endless void.

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