1. Just the other night, had a really interesting dream. I was sleeping with my CELESTE (WM doll) and my real girlfriend. Very lucky to have BOTH organic and inorganic ladies that aren’t jealous. Anyway, I was cuddling with CELESTE which led to… My organic GF was tired and just wanted to sleep. She smiled the rolled over to so. Not wanting to disturb her, I got up and motioned for CELESTE to follow me to the spare bedroom. Which she did…CELESTE is getting up and walking? CRAP I woke up realizing that she can’t walk SHE IS A DOLL and THIS IS A DREAM.

2. She’s popped up in my dreams on multiple occasions. She’s always alive in them but I think my subconscious always struggles with how to present her. Sometimes she looks more her doll self, other times, she’s walking around like a marionette and on some occasions, there’s a real person there, but I think it’s still her. But any time it happens, it’s never a bad experience.

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