1. You can, but just carrying them is perfectly fine. With a bit of experience, these items become obsolete. The dolls aren’t that fragile. Unless you get an especially heavy doll 90+ lbs, ie. You probably won’t even need it. This is all on the assumption we’re all here are of average male strength.

2. There are no mechanical advantages like a pulley either.
The hardest part is lifting a doll off the ground or out of her box. Otherwise, just bridal carry her. But it is handy to be able to reposition whilst lying flat, without first sitting her up.

3. You could use the handles to attach to a pulley system if you did have a super-heavy doll. I typically keep mine lying on the blanket she came with and try to scrunch the corners as handles sometimes.

4. If you’re just trying to re-position her on your bed, you can use the same technique that I used an EMT and hospital staff use. Place a bed sheet under her or have a second bed sheet laying on your bed before you lay her down so she’s on top of it. kneel on the side of the bed you want to move her to. Roll up the sheet a bit length ways towards her body, this is to give the sheet some strength and to give you something decent to hold on to. Pull on the sheet with your arms, NOT your back(try to keep your back straight or you might strain your back) towards you, like a rowboat. She should slide easily across the bed. We called it the drag sheet method. I’ve seen slight framed nurses pull a full-grown man across a bed by themself doing this. The product you showed is basically used for that purpose. I would suggest just buying some extra sheets (preferably cotton as they will be stronger fabric) it will probably save you some money.

5. I actually did buy a large furniture slider a wile back ago and before I bought my first large size doll I also bought a dolly to roll my dolls around but I used the slider once and have never used the dolly. I simply find that carrying my dolls is much easier for me especially since after practice I got stronger and more efficient at it.

Most of my dolls are stored in the standing position so to move them around I bend my knees and “bear hug” them putting one arm under their butt and the other arm around their waist then lift them up and walk to the position they will be put at, I find it convenient not having to worry about knocking stuff with their bodies on a horizontal position, then I simply bend my knees back slowly until their feet touch the floor, this helps me not having to bend or twist my back at all making it much safer, the only time I bridal carry my dolls is if they are laying on the bed, so I slightly carry them while “sliding” them towards the bottom of the bed taking advantage of the bed bounce until their butt is at the edge of the bed and then I simply swing them forward and when their feet touch the floor I push them from their back until they are standing using the forward momentum in my favor, once standing I do the “bear hug” technique.

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