I am married and my wife does not know. She got to the point she rarely likes sex, so I bought a doll and occasionally get to enjoy it. Having an affair is too much work and risks a divorce and sleeping with prostitutes went out with aids, herpes, and antibiotic-resistant syphilis.

I wouldn’t tell my wife. Women compete with one another and are jealous normally of other women let alone a perfect proportioned silicone love queen.

We are normal guys who turned to dolls because real women aren’t there to fill our sexual needs; now we live in the “me too” world where the male sex drive makes us bad persons, so not many women would appreciate or condone our use of dolls to satisfy a normal healthy male sexual appetite.

2. My GF did not like it so I told her I quit and then hid it from her.
I told myself that since she can’t accept me for me, it was her fault that I was hiding/lying about this. I now realize that only a dumb arse moron thinks like this. She was honest about what she wanted and I did not have the courtesy and respect to do the same.

This lead to a long and painful relationship. One in which I love to tell myself what a mean and nasty person she is. But what kind of dipstick starts a relationship based on lies and then blames the other person when things don’t go well. Take my advice and be honest.

3. My wife has known about my attraction for dolls even before we marry. I discuss with her openly.

5. With my 3rd doll on the way, I have to say that my wife does not mind them. She has lost interest in sex since having a medical procedure. We were always entirely open regarding our sexual desires and now she understands my needs and actually prefers the dolls to some potential external relationships. She even helps me dress them, do their hairs, and general care.

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