1. Getting a doll doesn’t mean that you have to give up on women. Although I have given up on real women in favor of dolls, there is no rule saying that I have to. It is a choice on my part due to my bad experiences and heartbreaks. I would still be open to a relationship with a real woman if the opportunity arose. But such a woman would have to be the initiator as I am done with chasing after them.

2. Purchasing a doll is a matter of choice for each person — and we all have our reasons for doing so. For myself, I “gave up” on dating many years ago. And I guess it was about 6 years ago that I decided that relationships were just not something I was interested in pursuing at all. Now 43, I am set in my ways, very comfortable with my life and the simplicity that is allowed from being single. I have started to invest in dolls not because I am giving up on women but because I enjoy their beauty and this is a way I can enjoy that and indulge in my fantasies without the complications that come with relations. There is a little “companionship” perhaps to be enjoyed — my first doll sits on the couch with me now in my living room. Like you, I am just beginning this journey.

3. If anything owning a toy lady will take the pressure off of dating real girls. It removes some of the edge and frustration involved.

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