1. A little powder on the face can help.

2. I remove hairs with this long coarse paintbrush. Trying to do it with fingers just adds the static cling more.

3. Yes – totally easy to fix.
Wigs pick up static as they are combed or when fingers are run through them (which you should do prior to brushing in any case).

Learn how to properly brush a wig. Do NOT use an egg-shaped detangler brush.

4. I did see some internal static on the first night when running my finger over the TPE I could quite clearly see a faint glow.

Also, I did get find the hair clinging too – so anyway I ground one of her standing foot bolts to the pipework for a while using a short lead to discharge the static. It more or less did the trick. I also found her pink fluffy blanket was sparky too.

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