1. When reading the clues about forming attachments with dolls, you will find that the answer is yes. I think ordering a doll that already feels intimate is a good start.

2. When I ordered the first doll, I never thought that I might build an emotional bond with her. Boy, I was wrong! It took a whole day before I started to feel that she had become a part of me. I think many others would agree that there are some incredible things when your doll actually exists. Although most societies may only consider them as TPE and metals, the people who actually own (and love) them know more.

3. Yes, there is a very strong emotional bond between me and the doll. In fact, I have a blog about their daily life with me, and they also contribute to them every day.

4. As others have said, the companionship of a doll can be a very special and meaningful experience for many of us. This is not to say that owners who do not have dolls “use their dolls as sex toys”, and there is nothing wrong with this, but I think it is a minority at least in TDF.

5. You are no stranger to having attachments. Society makes you think, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. Many of us here think that our companions are real. I cherish my Jenny very much. We sleep together every night, watch TV in bed, celebrate holidays together, etc. I always treat her like a “real” person. There are many others here who feel the same way!

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