1. I usually have porn running on my laptop, in the background. Most of the time I’m not even watching it, I’m just enjoying the sex sounds; it does help you get more immersed.

2. Audacity is a free program too where you can customize any recorded sound and record online from any sound going into your computer.

3. I was thinking about trying something like this using the Cortana voice function from my laptop. Sort of a poor man’s version of a fembot! Although Cortana might be a bit of a prude, so this might not work very well for sex.

4. I only enjoy my girl with sound. Whether it’s full 50-minute multi-track scripts with music, sound effects, and even extra characters, or just some breathing, moaning for a little freestyle. I use a Bem wrist speaker, which is Bluetooth. Fits around her neck like a choker. It also has a sound adjustment if needed. I tried the tadpole but found that the battery-saving feature can cause it to cut out a little if there is a break in the audio. Anyway, I export the audacity into a wav file and use a rear track just for the Bem. That way I can run it on my computer with the front channels with music etc, playing on the computer speakers and the breathing and dialog through the Bem. I get sound effects from sound dogs and porn, rip it with audacity. Music from youtube and dialog with tts demo sites like nuance.

5. I tried listening to an ASMR recording of a woman breathing while playing with my doll. The results were mixed. I’ve often thought of a two-track recording, with a soft heartbeat on one track and slow breathing on the other. Rig a couple of speakers in the doll’s chest, and maybe an extra one in her throat or head for the breath track. Might be nice to fall asleep to.

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