1. I’ve been using femidoms for nearly 3 years now. To be honest, once you are used to using them, you don’t need to pre-install one. It only takes a couple of seconds to fit one. They are made of nitrile, which is very strong, so they can be reused many times.

How to use them:
Remove the rubber ring inside of a new femidom and then wash away all the lube on it.

Smear a small amount of Vaseline inside the lady parts, then you will find that the femidom will be pushed in with a finger easy enough. Add a couple of squirts of lube into the femidom and when you get going the todger will push the femidom in further.

Pull out the femidom, pat dry any lube that is on your gal and rinse the femidom under the tap and leave on your towel rail to dry. As for leaving a femidom inside your gal overnight, I’m not sure if the nitrile material could damage TPE with prolonged contact but the Vaseline must provide a bit of protection.

2. The saliva works fine inserting the femidoms. More fun that way! I have only left a femdom in her once overnight and there was no harm done. I have never done it for any sustained time period.

3. If you want your gals lady parts to last as long as possible then using femidoms is a good start. This is what happened with my first gal, after a few months I realised that the frequent sex and washing (couple or more times a day) were taking a toll so I switched to femidoms.

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