1. eBay and Amazon are horrible if you want legitimate dolls. The majority of sellers on these sites are selling counterfeits. Try looking at sexdolls-shop, sex doll genie, silicone lovers, rosemarydoll and etc. for vendors.

The other fellow mentioned Piper. This is a factory brand that I’m fond of, but make sure you don’t get vendors and factories confused because they’re not the same. You buy a pack of Coca-Cola from Walmart just like you buy a WM doll from the sex doll genie for example.

It’s best to buy with a vendor vs. buying directly from a factory. A good vendor will back you if something goes wrong and they should also provide free shipping.

2. You cannot trust eBay, Amazon or AliExpress. Any company that sells branded sex dolls cheaply is a fake or a scam.

The supplier prices of all legal dolls are very similar. Make sure that the supplier you choose mentions the manufacturer and has the correct doll information.

6YE WM SE YL HR Piper Irontech

All of the above are great manufacturers

Good luck you won’t regret

3. I rather buy directly from a named company. People are sketchy.

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