1. My doll was a Jinsan model and it had a pretty strong odour. I didn’t mind the smell too much when actually using the doll, but it wafted everywhere and became an annoyance. The smell persisted for several months after multiple cleanings and oilings.

2. Just received my first TPE doll (WM140) and the initial smell was pretty strong. I didn’t notice it at first until I left the house and then came back, the whole room she was in was rather strong. A few baths and powders later, the smell is pretty much gone though.

3. I have a new YL and only a slight Oder when she first arrived. I am a nonsmoker I have a strong sense of smell, but after powdering all I smell is the powder. The powder smell to my nose means lovemaking. Another thing that can help is a favourite perfume. If you can find one you really like, put it on your dolls’ wig and clothing. And it can take things to another level. I use Ed hardy’s Tatto perfume something about that stuff drives me through the roof!

4. I’ve owned 3 dolls from Jinsan and the smell has been steadily decreasing, I guess they are working on better TPE formulas all the time. I’m quite sensitive to the smell and the last doll is quite bearable already.

5. I’ve had a D4E for about 9 months now and the smell is very faint. Actually, I’m not sure if I’m smelling the cornstarch or the TPE, that’s how non-smelly it is – I’d have to press my nose deep into her and inhale like a freak to smell it. And she doesn’t ooze oil either. No oil stains on costumes, chairs, sheets etc.

The first day or so (after cleaning and powdering) there was a very slight odour, but that’s gone now.

6. Just got a new WM and it had a strong smell. More than the others I had gotten from WM. It wasn’t bad, it was just rather strong. It has dissipated quickly though.

7. My YL155 had a very slight smell when she was new which was two years ago. She has been on a monthly oil bath recommend by YL. I mix a small amount of perfume with the oil. I also spray her hair and lingerie several times a week. Smells great!

8. My OR and YL dolls with no TPE smell. I’ve been impressed with some other brands that don’t have a TPE odour- AS Doll, Doll 4Ever, and DH168.

9. TPE smell is different for each individual. There are some people that don’t smell anything, others like the scent and akin it to a pleasant fragrance and on the far other ends of the spectrum, a far lesser minority find it highly offensive and can’t tolerate it at all.

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