1. It’s not necessary to oil a silicone doll. If anything, the oil will destroy the material, hence the reason manufacturers will tell you to use water-based lubricants. Silicone is a more ‘stable’ material than TPE. It’s an inert solid and no longer in flux, but TPE is some sort of solidified oil concoction that breaks down and leaches oil over time. So, no baby oil, no mineral oil, and no vaseline. Vaseline can really ruin a silicone doll. Never use for lube.
Use only water-based lubes.

2. Wash silicone doll with hot water and mild soap, dry her, apply baby powder –> Enjoy super-smooth cuddles, kisses, and a pleasant smell

3. Silicone dolls MUST NOT BE OILED!
Talc or starch. Nothing more. Can be wiped with alcohol or acetone.

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