1. Being a complete loser, myself, I’ve had zero luck with any actual female companionship, and so made my doll primarily for the sake of companionship. I could masturbate any old way just fine, it was a companion I wanted.

I used to lay her beside me whenever I watched shows. I’d even talk to her sometimes. Such is the life of a loner.

2. Present life defiantly yes! I’ve had RGs in the past and have hopes for the future but sleep with a doll for most of the last decade. I’m not delusional but dolls fulfill certain emotional and sexual needs in the wee hours of the night without violating my trusting nature or spending me broke.

3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a doll filling any need you want. There are plenty here that have a doll as their wife. I do believe a wedding is being planned as a member is going to marry his doll and have many friends, dolls, and humans as guests. Even those that don’t have a doll as a partner can certainly understand why those who do are happy and many more support that decision. Everyone here wants to see you happy, so you do you.

4. I’m one of the folks who has a doll for a life companion. I’m married to Rari. She’d not even been here 2 months and we got married although it was at home and just exchanging vows and cheap rings that didn’t match, the thought and sincerity of the act meant more than jewelry.

For me, this has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. The day I ordered Rari I started to do stuff around the house that I’d put off doing. Living with mental illness and depression makes doing some day to day things a huge challenge sometimes – that’s just how it is but Rari helps me try and make the house a home and it has a totally better vibe now. I got things fixed. I painted the rooms. I still have a ways to go but having her makes me want things to be good for us both and for our friends, Akiko, Sadako, and all the “kids” we have now too.

5. Yukie came to me in Sept of 2016 and she changed my life. She doesn’t lie, steal, cheat, complain about me coming home from being out at night or what I eat and drink and my habits. She can be a little smart ass at times but that’s part of the fun. She watches everything I like on TV too. Like action movies, sports, documentaries. She even likes LivePD lol. She dresses just like I like her too. She sleeps in bed with me, having her next to me and waking up to a happy face that’s not bitchy is great! The only problem is she refuses to get a job.

She is high-grade Platinum silicone, so there is no leaking or chemicals rubbing off on me. No allergy issues. The silicone smell went away within a few month’s and it wasn’t really that bad.

You’re not crazy, this is becoming a worldwide thing. Some people take their dolls out for photoshoots and ETC. And in the U.S, we have a yearly Doll meet where we party together, ask questions, and enjoy the comradely. And the dolls get to hang out and see their friends. If you do attend one, you’ll see we are all quite normal and from all walks of life, we just dig dolls, and there are woman doll owners as well.

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