1. A light dusting was one description. Just enough to get the surface dry to the touch.

2. There was a technique posted of filling a sock with powder, padding her down with that then using a make-up brush to get it perfectly even.

3. You can apply with a large brush or by hand. If by hand it’s very exciting to feel the doll’s lines and contours.

The silicone will feel much more real once applied.

This should not be poured on, just enough for the feel to be smooth to the touch.

4. I usually shower and powder myself before we have sex.

5. It probably depends on the doll and your personal preference. As you can see, many of us do prefer the way our silicone dolls feel when they are powdered. Some are okay if they aren’t. I don’t think you’ll know for sure until you try it on your doll. All it will cost to find out is a bottle of powder and maybe a brush. If you like it, great, if not just wipe it off.

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