1. I would say yes. When I was still single and the real ladies of pleasure sometimes came to my home, it was often a maximum of 1 hour of sex. yes 2 hours could also but that costs extra. With a doll, you have all the time and direction to be busy to your liking. My pecker is doing fine and as long as I stay excited he can easily do his work for 1.5 hours.

2. Your path to normal sex life is by both giving up masturbation and pornography while you learn to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of either a highly realistic doll body when speaking of proportions or a highly exaggerated doll body (e.g, humongous tits and/or super thin waist). Also, realize that you will face a mentally painful flatline when your body suddenly isn’t getting the “drug” of masturbating to porn. You must avoid porn and masturbation until a sex doll seems better to choose. If you give into masturbation and porn, you will always stick to that kind of “drug”.

3. Depending on your mindset, that is, as long as you’re aware dolls are not 100% like being with the real thing, it may work. Then again, you may find you’ve only traded one addiction for another.

4. Yes. I got to the point where I had to watch hardcore porn to get an erection. Even talking to porn stars at conventions wasn’t enough to get a chubby. Because at that point they were like regular hot girls. Even private lap dances at a strip club with the hottest chick didn’t produce wood. Only porn did the trick.

I got a doll because I wanted to physically touch something more than a fleshlight. Things were definitely awkward, but without thinking about it, I was having sex with my doll and stopped watching porn 90%.

I got even better than before. I could never have sex or masturbate standing up. This made real-life disappointing in the past. Now I do it all the time. Also having sex with 2, or 3 dolls at a time really builds confidence. You’re the king and you’re taming them all.
What helps is you build the scenario and fantasy in your head, but also add female smells and do other things to make the doll(s) as real as possible. Upgrade eyes and wig work magic for me.

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