1. I think long-term use of rear support may be the best choice, especially in high heels.

2. My doll is standing in my office about 24/7. It has been doing this for nearly 3 years without any adverse effects. Although almost always wear shoes and socks.

3. As long as you get a doll with standing bolts on its feet, you can keep her standing indefinitely. My doll usually wears shoes and stands upright, but I don’t have any experience with high heels, so I’m not sure about that part.

Another thing to remember is that the doll needs to maintain the third point of contact in order to remain standing. For example, you can let her butt and/or upper back touch the wall, making her lean slightly against the wall. In this case, you may want to have a layer of memory foam between the doll and the wall to prevent deformation over time.

Some doll brands have shelves dedicated to storage and display. I know that XYcolo provides this feature.

4. All my standing dolls are standing, only the back of the head touches the wall. They always stand unless they are sitting, but I have no problem.

5. According to what I have read/saw, the manufacturer recommends that you do not store the doll in high heels. In order to store in a standing position, you need all three contact points of your feet to be flat with the ground. Based on the graphs I have seen, it seems that gravity will take over as if she is standing on a hillside, and over time, the feet will continue to slide down. Thus hurt her foot. As mentioned earlier, always lean her against something padded with memory foam or a rolled-up towel.

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