1. You can try the eyebrow stamp or eyebrow wax paper. When I stripped off all her original makeup and started from scratch, I was actually already using eyebrow stamps. Nowadays, I tend to use an eyebrow pencil to “fill up” the color of the eyebrows, and then apply a little petroleum jelly to “fix”.

2. Go to the makeup section of your local pharmacy and pick up the eyebrow pencil. You can get them in various shades/colors. I always check my doll’s eyebrows with a pencil every few days to keep them fresh.

3. You can also use powdered eyebrow powder to make up your doll’s eyebrows. Mix the powder with a small amount of baby oil and then applied it with a small makeup brush. After a while, they will be immersed in TPE and dried. If you mess up the painting, just wipe them off with some baby oil and start over.

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