1. I’m new to this, but I learned that powder-based makeup is the way to go, from lips to eyeliner. YouTube tutorials are great, but I moved beyond doll makeup and went with human applications rather quickly; they’re far more in-depth and helpful. I bought a set of brushes, a foundation/highlighter, and a nice palette of eyeshadow.

2. Powder make-up. I have a couple of eye shadow palettes and use them for both eyes and lips. I’ve tried liquid lipstick, lip pencils, and liquid eyeliner (big mistake) for doing different looks and never really had good luck with any of them. Powder goes on easy, comes off fairly easy, and if you take your time can look really good even for an absolute novice.

3. Trial and error mostly. I have watched more makeup tutorials than I’d ever admit but the plus side is they’re usually cute to beautiful women doing the tutorials. I’m a lips expert but eyeliner is still hit or miss so I work with thick false lashes to get the eyeliner effect.

4. I use a permanent marker (Chartpak) for nips and labia, but not make-up. When used sparingly, the spread is minimal with that brand. Thing is, there’s no margin of error. Where you put it is where it stays. Make a mistake and you’ll have to live with it for a very long time. After a year Jyoti’s nips and nether region have only faded a shade or two and that’s after numerous washings and a couple of mineral oil treatments.

For the face, I just use regular make-up and lip-gloss. Stays on a reasonable amount of time yet are easily removed when the need arises.

How to Make up Your Realistic Female Sex Doll

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