Good smelling shampoo and conditioner for the wig and perfumes on the clothing /lingerie clothing.

You can wash her clothing in her strawberry shampoo if you want that smell on her.

And for her built-in vagina a very pleasant smelling liquid soap that leaves smell behind after the rinsing I use Dial Lavender Oil body wash for the vag. Smells great.

For the most part, just baby oil and Vaseline are good for TPE, you don’t want to use too much oil or baby powder and I wouldn’t use skin lotions.

Just spray perfume in her hair and it’s all good bro. Use any make-up you like but the more you pay the better the make-up is really.

Lipstick is safe just keep it from getting on her teeth and make sure it doesn’t get all over her face lol just the lips. Just don’t want to have to clean up the teeth constantly is all.

Lip gloss I would be careful and make sure the gloss stays on the lips not getting anywhere else but I never use lip gloss just lipsticks. Some lipstick has a glossy shimmer.

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