1. I like the Black Opal brand, double-ended lip gloss. The bottle cap has its own applicator, once it is set, it can be used for a long time, usually a few hours on the TPE.

2. I have been using Dollar General’s L.A. Colors Matte Lipstick to decorate my doll’s lips and clamp a vagina. I touched them last time in March, and when their lips faded, the rest of them lasted.

Your age may be different, the reason why my dolls fade on lips is that I kiss them more often, and then we knocked on the boots.

3. Any lipstick can be used, but I recommend that you apply it with a fine makeup brush. After drying, you can apply a transparent lip gloss to get a good gloss effect.

4. You can use a paintbrush dipped in mineral oil to paint on the palette. Use an oiled brush to collect the paint from the top of the applicator stick and apply it to the TPE. This is easier than applying the applicator directly to the lips.

I also mix some eyeshadow powder on the brush to create different shades or metallic effects.

Before painting your lips, paint your teeth with a brush dipped in oil and white eye shadow powder.

This lasted for a while.

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