1. Best would be not to use baby oil on her face as that will remove ALL makeup. Kissing her and using the head will remove makeup fast. Makeup on these dolls can last, but as I mentioned use will remove it in time. Learn how to make up your doll from here.

2. I think the best way is not to touch the face with your own oils from your skin, just powder it, and good to go. Just remember the exact placement of makeup so you can redo with normal makeup hehe, I find it to be hard sometimes to redo makeup, especially eyebrows. But eventually, the makeup will dissolve into the TPE itself.

Silicone does hold up better, mines still holding up over the year.

3. When cleaning areas like her areolas, pat do not wipe.

4. I don’t like anything too permanent because I like to change them up sometimes. Using a makeup sealer like for dancers can work but getting that off is a real bitch. I can tell you that even on my skin with Old spice body wash and Ponds makeup remover. Sealed facepaint/makeup can be worse to remove if you need it.

My last project doll. Full strip. Makeover the first 5 or 6 tries you’ll be impressed with some things and be pissed off at others. It’s easier as you do it. Subtle colors work best, and less is more. Take photos of the Factory Makeup and use them for reference. You can change the flavoring when you get more comfortable.

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