1. As a man who was close to both the rocker and goth subcultures in school, I can safely say that speaking strictly about fashion, goth and emo are nearly identical to someone not fully immersed into that subculture. She’s going to need copious amounts of the following: black tops with full logos, unless you want a candy goth, then contrast the black with hot pink, violet or gold. Black leggings or Tripp pants, black vinyl boots (preferably platforms), a black wig with temporary hair dye spray for the bangs will be good and accessorize with fishnet leggings and arm coverings, as well as safety pins and (dull) razor blades. The black lipstick and press on nails are a given.

2. You could also try thrift stores, goodwill, salvation army and etc.

I found this hoody for Eve in a thrift store. It ended up being a little too big for wearing with pants or a separate skirt, so I just had her wear it like a hoodie mini skirt.

3. You should look for Korean/Japanese fashion. For example, they have long Hoodies Combine them with top-socks. And there you go! Emo style girl is done.

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