1. The clothes themselves are very important. The stretcher is better. Buttons are also good because you can avoid hedging techniques. The same goes for zippers, but I will be wary of metal.

You may be able to wear some shirts, then cut them vertically upwards, then sew some buttons or string, and then tighten them like shoes. This is easy to put on/take off.

2. I have a hanger on which I hang her while putting on her clothes. I can turn her around and easily move and touch her arms and legs. It is much easier than sitting or lying down, and much better than standing up because you don’t have to worry about her rolling and feet not on the ground, so managing socks is very easy. (I also use the same shelf to clean in the shower.)

Yes, if the fabric is a bit stretchy, it will make things much easier. Some really sexy lingerie pieces you see are very complicated.

3. Stockings or pantyhose help pull up underwear, pants or clothes. Nylon or hose will not make clothes stick to her. Even stockings. Stretch tops are most effective.

My doll always wears stockings or hoses, because it makes it easier to dress her, and protect her underneath her skin.

4. In any case, my doll is almost always standing, so I also tend to leave her to dress her. What I do most often is to gently tilt her to one side to make her panties, skirt or anything slip under one foot, and then tilt her the other way so that the clothes slide under the other foot. After that, just pull things up and position them. Powdering also helps to reduce friction and enables items to slide on the TPE without jamming.

For tops and dresses, I look for things with buttons and zippers. Because I don’t like to move the beginning part, it makes them easier to put on and take off. It just destroyed my fantasy.

For my few pullovers, I first stretched her arms forward, then slipped the top of the arm through the sleeve to the elbow, and then slowly raised the arm, which was enough to make the backslide over the top of the head. That’s it, except to be extra careful.

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