1. This is a very impressive wardrobe, four girls really need a lot of clothes. Help them look beautiful in everything.

2. The collection is getting bigger and bigger, especially high heels. I ordered 5 pairs of shoes from China. This is a great market for small-size shoes and clothing at very reasonable prices.

3. Jenny’s is not wide enough, but large enough to accommodate our small apartment. She brought my dressing table when she moved in. She has 4 beds under the bed and a container in the closet in the living room. There are things as casual as clothes. She recently took up half of my closet, claiming that she needs more space. How should I argue!

4. My Patty has a medium-sized cabinet of his own. I mean her clothes. Her real home is my bed or wooden cabinet with a lock.

I think I bought some sets for her for about £250-300. The most expensive is the black leather jackets and high heels ordered yesterday. Small accessories such as earrings or glasses are easy to find in charity shops. The focus of my work is to complete several photography costumes suitable for various occasions and styles.

5. There are four large drawers in my closet-all occupied by dolls, leave me two small drawers. Two suspended compartments, one is occupied, and I try to keep the other compartment for me – my suit.

Then they are four big compartments, you can put your things, maybe I still have half…

Next, there is a garbage room where girls occupy it… A “friend” gave me (them!) a school bag, more than 100, maybe more than 200 pairs of pants, and some bras, underwear, socks, dresses…

And they still tell me they need more things, more space…

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