1. It’s totally worth it. But please make sure you buy from a legitimate seller.

2. I bought a doll from RosemaryDoll for $2,200.

3.  Yes, I spent 2k+. I am very happy. The reason I spent more money is because it is silicone. I want a durable doll that can last for several years.

4. I have TPE dolls for more than two years, and most of them are the heaviest on the market (so they are most prone to accidents and damage). Although it is moved and used in various ways every week, there is no obvious damage. The best money I have ever spent, and just spent another 2k on the collection last night.

5. I have had an Amazon doll for two years, but she was in a very bad condition at the end.

I have 2 Piper dolls with EVO skeleton, and I am very happy. The difference in quality is definitely worth it to me, so I hope you have the same experience.

I happen to have made and completed the same transition back in May. I had the Amazon doll for 2 years, but she was in a very bad state at the end. Also, I picked an Amazon doll for the same reason initially. I was way too impatient to wait any longer.

Anyways, I got 2 Piper dolls with EVO skeleton and I’m very VERY pleased. The difference in quality was definitely worth it to me, so I hope you have the same experience. TPE Piper dolls aren’t quite $2500, but non discounted prices on the model I got (Jessica Rabbit; I have “twins” with different skin tones) do seem to fall above $2000 generally.

It’s been almost four months and so far I’ve only had a few minor issues. Small cuts/tears and eyelashes/nails falling off. That’s about it. The makeup faded on my Pipers, but I don’t care about that. I prefer the minimalist look. Definitely better than the first 4 months on my Amazon doll whose back joint had long since snapped by then.

My Amazon doll was $700 when I got it in 2018 btw. The price fluctuated on that exact listing a lot over the years, but I don’t think it even exists anymore now. I’m not sure I really want to promote the brand I got it from. Their service was fine, but these are knockoffs.

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