1. Silicone can wear anything because it usually doesn’t stain. For TPE, it is best to wear white clothes because they will not stain, and it may not be a good idea to keep your doll from wearing plastic clothes (necklaces, wristbands, etc.) for a long time because it may melt TPE like TPE. It will be in contact with silicone for a long time.

2. So far, the biggest key for me is to wash each piece of clothing 2-3 times thoroughly. Then, use the white bowl as a collection basin and use this basin to rinse the laundry in the water to catch the runoff. If any color is found in the runoff, it needs to be cleaned again. After the rinse water is drained, you should be ready to use it. I usually test the clothes on the doll’s feet by placing it under the feet when the doll is standing to generate pressure. If there is no color transfer after a while, it means that the clothing is safe to use. Just remember, greater pressure = greater risk of transfer. Therefore, if she is sitting, you are likely to transfer to her ass.

I think that leaving them on your clothes for a long time that you are not satisfied with is the biggest cause of contamination.

And the cheaper the clothes, the easier it is to get dirty, because the coloring process is not ideal and the dye quality is poor, so the color tends to flow more.

3. You can buy clothes from any clothing store. You need to shop in girls or small shops, depending on the size of the doll in order to wear dark clothes. I will use a full-body white coat underneath to prevent soiling.

4. No, the doll does not have to wear a specific doll costume. They can wear the same clothes as human women and girls. In other words, the more suitable the figure of the doll, the better the luck of finding the right clothes.

As for size, the best way is to measure your height, bust, waist and hips when the doll arrives. Compare it with the manufacturer’s size chart. Please note that the figure of the doll is usually not within the size range of a normal person, so you may have to compromise and choose the closest size. You may also find that the youth size is closer to the doll size than the female size. The same goes for shoes.

Even after washing sometimes, darker colors are easier to stain than white and soft shadows. It’s best to always test in an unremarkable place before putting something in an uncertain place. I like to put the doll on something that might get dirty and then let her wear it. In this way, if it does get dirty, it will be confined to the bottom of the foot. Things of better quality tend to be less polluting than cheaper ones.

Most of my doll clothes come from eBay and swap.com. I like second-hand goods, because one of them is much cheaper, and the other has probably been washed several times.

5. My doll does not wear any dresses. Most materials that have been washed once or twice according to the care label are suitable for dolls. I found that the only fabric type that can cause complete destruction is “wet” artificial leather. I once put some wet leggings on the doll, which caused purple black spots within 30 seconds of contact. Powder her again and try my best to wash off as much dye as possible. Try again and the result is the same. Watch out for cheap metal rivets and grommets-they often stain the TPE-especially on load-bearing belts and tight belts.

I just covered mine with a little cloth medical tape, they are fine. Cotton blends, polyester fibers, satin and leather* are all very good. If the clothes are too tight, shoelaces and fishnets may cut into the TPE, so be careful.

*If your doll is new or has a high oil content, you may need to protect the leather from the doll. The super soft high-grade leather used by Anagram and Wilson’s in Paris is easy to get stained by direct contact with the skin of the doll.

6. For the second time, I answered Mr. Franz’s comment about buying from a thrift store. I have purchased most of the girls’ clothes from swap.com. The prices are unbeatable, and their site makes it very easy to shop by size (once the best size is determined). I don’t often encounter contamination problems because the clothes have been washed many times before they reach you, and many things are brand names.

7. Most stains will disappear by themselves. That’s what I have been doing-waiting for them to disappear. However, I have never encountered too much stain. But for the light stains that I have, they usually disappear on their own. Like, about a week.

There are some ways to remove stains or stains faster. But since they are not available, I cannot comment on this.

Personally, I think the stain is a bit exaggerated. If you are cautious about the goods you buy, test suspicious items first, and don’t put potentially dangerous items on the doll for a long time, then you are unlikely to get any serious stains. Not everyone agrees with this. Just my opinion.

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