1. I would like a larger doll. A 140cm is to “girl” like while a 158cm doll is taller and more “woman” like. I also have a Shrugging Shoulders doll which adds a lot of realism to a doll.

2. My very first doll was a Virgin Rose Doll. I don’t really remember having to powder her all that much, but maybe because I mostly didn’t care to. This was many years ago so she was pretty solid without today’s soft-gel, soft body options like some dolls today have. My second doll is a 140cm Ariel Piper Doll.

Overall it was a pleasurable experience, but when I first got her the manufacturing odor was damn near unbearable. Thankfully after about a week or so the smell dissipated and I could enjoy her a lot. And yes there is a smell despite what some members might say or even PiperDolls posts on their site.

3. I want a taller doll. Although 161 is at the top end of the doll, it is still a bit short for me. -I want to try gel-filled breasts or hollow breasts. Although I am slightly worried about cracking or shrinking breasts, they seem to be much softer than solid breasts.

I am more interested in the shape of the vagina and the correct LHP.

I now prefer to try a silicone doll. Strong thighs proportional to calf is a must. I don’t like doll fans with obvious waist/thighs, but wig-like calves. I want to implant eyebrows and eyelashes. Tired of fiddling around eyelashes because they fall off easily.

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