1. 1)Lay her down on her back on the floor, bed, couch, or whatever.
2) Press one hand down on the left pelvis and use the other arm to pull/push the leg upward to the desired angle.
3) Repeat with the right leg.
4) Put her back on her feet with her hands/arms resting on a surface in front of her at the appropriate height to keep her stable.

Your doll should now be standing bent over.

2. Lay her on her back and bend the legs up. Don’t pull on the lower leg or at the knee, grab her thigh and push it up. pulling from the lower leg or knee puts unwanted leverage on the knee and can break the knee.

3. Lay her face first so her hips are on the arm of the couch and adjust the legs from there. The kitchen table is good to use as well.

4. You could move one leg at a time. Just be careful of the sideways movement of the leg.

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