1. The water-based lube can be used on any doll. It cleans up super easy, doesn’t get sticky unless you don’t use it enough, and it’s readily available online and at local Walgreens/CVS-type stores.

2. I have tried gun oil with a fleshlight and I didn’t like it, I personally use adam and eve’s stuff and love it.

5. It varies more powder for a thick lube when I’m using something tight with minimal texture, less powder for a thin lube with looser/textured toys. A good starting point for the blender method or cooking pot method: 1 leveled teaspoon of powder, 1 cup of water. Pretty much the same for mixing in a cup or bottle with warm water, you just need glycerin as a binding agent. Liquid glycerin can typically be found in the first aid isle, for ~2$ a bottle.

Methods I’ve used:
Blender: Toss powder into the blender, add warm water, blend until smooth. Has the benefit of altering the lube thickness/viscosity on the fly, just add more powder or more water, and reblend.

Stovetop/pot: Boil Water, add the powder to boiling water, mix and cool. Will thicken significantly as it cools.

Microwave: Mix 1 tsp of xanthan powder with 2 tsp of glycerin to make a gel, add water, microwave and mix. Will thicken significantly as it cools.

Quick Version: Buy a plastic squeeze bottle from the dollar store/Walmart, mix 1 tsp xanthan powder with 2-3 tsp glycerin in the bottle, add warm water and shake the bottle until reasonably well mixed.

I honestly haven’t used any other method since I bought a blender though, it just works so well.

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