1. In the past, sex doll manufacturers didn’t have the technology to make sure that the heating is good enough to have a long life and keep it safe. Now they got this problem solved. They use the 36V DC output to make sure it’s safe.

They use the thermostat to make sure the heating inside the body will not be overheated. So your doll won’t melt. For those of you who already own dolls with heating, you just need a thermostat to secure your heating system.

For those of you who are considering getting a heating sex doll, you have three options:
1) the traditional one
2) the traditional one with a thermostat
3) both hardware and software controlled the heating system

These heating systems are available for every doll brand, WM, JY, AI robot…

2. I’ve used an electric blanket which works nicely. Wrap your sex doll in a couple of blankets first, then wrap the electric blanket around her. I then have a third blanket around the electric one to keep the heat in. On a low heat (1 out of 3 on the control), it keeps your doll slightly warmer than ambient temperature. By pushing that up to 3 for a couple of hours before playtime it means that she’s lovely and warm. However, test the temperature of the blanket thoroughly and regularly when you first get it.

Learn more about the internal heating system from here!

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