1. You can use short PVC pipes, both ends were flattened. Slide in to clean, slide in to keep dry.

2. You can use 2 small microfiber towels for cleanup. One to dry the insert and the other to clean up the lube that ended up smeared all around the vagina. Use one corner of the towel to remove the remains of the lube, then another corner spray with soapy water and lightly go over the area that had lube and the remaining two corners you can use for making sure she’s dry. Then, you just toss them into the towel laundry basket.

3. You can also use a large syringe. 300ml with a very long front end would do great. Have her on her back, only halfway on the bed, and halfway outside, place a bucket underneath, keep pushing the syringe filled with soap water. One tube should be enough, but you can go 3 or 4 times if you are unsure. After everything is done, empty the syringe, and suck the rest of the soap water out with the syringe. Finally, use a cloth to clean the inner side.

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