1. My doll helps me sleep better and quicker. It is good to have a body next to you in the bed. If I sleep better, I have more energy the following day. No more laying in bed for hours until I fall asleep.

2. I think dolls can be of benefit to overall health and wellbeing for a lot of people. The negative health effects of loneliness and depression are very real and dolls go a long way towards combating that.

3. I went from being weak and depressed to strong and vibrant.

4. Frame of mind, as well as a feeling of companionship, are two positive factors you will get with a synthetic girl. It will make many of us happier and just have an overall better outlook and be more positive knowing we have a hot girl who is all ours who won’t ever leave or cheat on us. To me, that’s my biggest relief and peace of mind after all the crap I have been thru with real women. It’s like the feeling a married guy has known he gets to go home to his hot wife every day who is waiting for him and she actually loves him and only him. That’s the guy who jumps in his car and rushes home with a smile every day and is beaming at work usually cuz he knows what he has at home. For me, it’s the same feeling with a synthetic girl. Now I can relate and it feels good.

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