1. The Creeper Act regarding young-looking dolls has got me thinking about new laws coming our way, especially with sex robots and higher technology coming into the picture. Here are some predictions I’m making:

  • Sex robots will have certain programs that you can purchase/download. Programs that allow you to rape the sex robot will be illegal, and those possessing such programs will go through some sort of punishment, though I don’t think it will be as severe as possessing child pornography. The reasoning is similar to the Creeper Act. If you have a program that allows you to rape your sex robot, then law enforcement will judge that raping people has become normalized in your mind, and your chances of raping a real person become a reality.
  • Unlike #1, this currently exists and is currently legal, but that may change sometime soon. A doll company can make a sex doll in the likeness of anyone you want as long as you have her permission. Many porn stars are already doing this. Some doll companies will accept photos or videos of the person you have in mind, and it could be someone you know personally, as long show them her permission. Some customers will fake the permission somehow, or some companies will accept the permission even if they suspect it is fake. When the subject finds out about the sex doll that looks exactly like her, there could be some serious lawsuits. But this is only the beginning of the problems. More serious is, once again, the theme of the Creeper Act. If possessing a child sex doll puts you on the brink of sexually assaulting a real child (so the act believes), then by the same logic possessing a sex doll that 99% resembles someone you know personally will likely make you want to take it one step further and have sex with that person for real. Since you needed a sex doll of her in the first place, then you cannot get sex from her without raping her, the same theme as #1, and thus she endangered by you.
  • All of us probably know that there is already a movement to ban sex robots completely, whether #1 applies or not. Most of us shrug it off, but when sex robots do become a common thing and then research does prove that the predicted negative repercussions of sex robots are a reality, it may then become illegal.

2. We’re already seeing the ‘age’ of the doll being regulated. I suspect that the age of the owner is already somewhat regulated by sellers of dolls, but I can see it being set by law (21+).

Maybe non-human dolls will be next if the CREEPER Act is enacted into law.

3. Wow that Creeper Act would affect me cause I own a WM 100cm Doll. Because of her size, they would consider her a minor even if she is the large breasts model? That Sucks ❗ They would consider me a pervert & pedophile just for owning this doll. They won’t discriminate between owners, just because some guys were found with child pornography doesn’t mean we are all pedophiles.

I would’ve preferred a larger more voluptuous doll but at the time of purchasing her, I was living with family. Needed something low priced & small enough to hide but with big boobs. My Trish was bought for convenience, not to fantasize about preying on children!

If they ban this kinda doll now, what’s going to stop them from banning another type of doll that disgusts them. Anything 150cm with small breasts can look like a teen and could be considered a minor. What if dolls with oversized breasts & butts are banned because they perpetuate an unrealistic body of women.

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