1. I want a muscular torso sex doll. This is the best example I have found, but his weight and cost are higher than most dolls. I can’t wait to see how the male doll market grows, because now I can’t find any options worth buying.

2. I want fucking nipples on my torso doll.

But as a torso, it is slimmer, thinner, and smaller. Also, small tits are just D or DD. Maybe not a big round mellon, but a pear. Private island beauty style tits. Or torpedo tit. Using torpedo tits, you can rub the cock between her breasts more easily. This will make it much lighter. Maybe 35-40 pounds or 19 kilograms.

Each nipple of this torso doll has vagina, anus, mouth, holes and two other sex holes. And the tits are small, but the shape can make the breast sex. It may need to be cleaned 6 times without cleaning.

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