1. For a doll with standing feet, you have to lean her up against the wall or something stable. The shoes also help with traction and she’ll just slide on tile and probably scratch up wood flooring. I find it best to have her in bed on her back keep inching her to the foot of the bed until halfway and then tilt her up until she stands up. Then lock her knees and keep her legs apart make sure they’re even with each other not one foot in front of the other. Just be careful with her some ppl swear on storing their dolls upright against the wall but I’m cautious and only stand my lady up when I change out bed sheets.

2. I always position my doll with her legs over the side of the bed. I straighten her there, then I put one leg between her legs, and the other outside, and maneuver myself over her, then lift her up, with my arms around her back. once she is on the back of her heels, I continue to pull her towards me until she is standing. I always use the bed to change position. But that’s not really for posing. I have carpeted floors throughout my house with underlay. There is too much cushion on the floor for her to stand on her own.

3. Sex dolls are not real people who have a cerebellum to maintain body balance. The three metal bolt heads at the bottom just play a supporting role, which is not particularly stable. So you need to find a wall or something else that the doll can rely on to keep the doll standing. This operation may take some time and you need to constantly adjust the posture to find the best balance.

It is better for the doll to stand barefoot on the ground and put a soft cloth on the sole of the foot. When wearing shoes for the doll, wear a few more socks or use a hard insole to prevent the shoes from being damaged. You can also put leather insoles on the feet of the doll first, and then put on stockings. Learn more about standing feet from here!

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